Supplier Management

Comprehensive Supplier records: multiple contacts, addresses, terms, phones & notes  PRM SE PRM
  Store and view vendor information including items, method of shipment, and terms
  Store multiple addresses per supplier
  Store contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, web sites, and fax numbers
  Store Supplier notes
  View/print a supplier list report
Supports individual stock lists    
  Manage & view individual supplier stock lists
Discard or re-stock customer returned items    
  Manage Customer Returns through the RMA centre
  Discard Items Returned
  Re-Stock Items Returned
Comprehensive stock return management through the RMA centre    
  Return to Original vendor (tracked from PO)
  Process Orphan items (no PO)
  Process items not sold (damages, overstock)
  Send to Vendor Manager (replace, repair, credt) & RMA cover letter
  Receive replaced/repaired items back to stock


Standard Feature Included

Feature not Included    
Service Module feature Quotes Module feature Contract Pricing Module feature
Consignment Module feature Multi-Site Module feature