Receiving Goods In

Receive items without a PO or from PO already entered on system  PRM SE PRM
  Receive against Purchase Order, edit by exception
  Receive merchandise without a purchase order
Amend & Add items whilst receiving including new barcodes    
  Enter new inventory items at receiving
  Enter bar code numbers for new items at receiving
Scan, batch receive or import from file    
  Scan barcodes whilst receiving
  Batch receive by barcode for an entire carton or shipment
  Import purchase orders from hand-held devices
Supports partial delivery & back-orders    
  Mark items back ordered
  Allow input of expected date received
Print barcode & price lables whilst receiving    
  Print price labels at receiving
  Print barcode labels at receiving
Cost variation warning & management  PRM SE PRM
  Cost price variation warning
  Manage cost changes & selling prices immediately during receiving
  Update item costs based on Actual cost or Landed cost
Manage Serial Numbers immediately during receiving    
  Manage Serial Numbers immediately during receiving
Automatically assign items to customer orders based on entered or required dates    
  Automatically assign received items to customer back orders
  Set how to assign received back orders based on 'Date Order Entered' or 'Date Required'
Interfaces with General Ledger    
  Interface with general ledger upon receipt to update appropriate accounts
Interfaces with Inventory system updating costs, instock, available, held, Back Orders    
  Interface with inventory system to update the average unit of cost of the item received
  Interface with the inventory system to increment on-hand quantity when purchase order is received


Standard Feature Included

Feature not Included    
Service Module feature Quotes Module feature Contract Pricing Module feature
Consignment Module feature Multi-Site Module feature