Purchase Orders (Suppliers)

Automatically or Manually create Suggestion lists & Purchase Orders  PRM SE PRM
  Manual generation of purchase orders
  Auto generation of PO suggestions based on available stock and reorder points (mines/maxis)
  Auto generation of PO suggestions for a specific supplier, manufacturer, department or category
  Create purchase orders based on pending "special orders"
  Automatic sequential purchase order numbering scheme
Historical sales & purchase data available for informed PO management    
  View sales history (quantity sold) for each item from the PO screen
Supports 'Drop Shipping' addresses    
  Supports 'Drop Shipping' direct to customers addresses
  Inclusion of quote number on purchase order
Supports multiple suppliers cost prices & last order dates for each item (Best Price suggestions)    
  Allow multiple suppliers for each item
  Best Price suggestions, lists all cost prices & last order dates for each item
Track suppliers expected delivery and actual received dates    
  Track suppliers expected delivery and actual received dates
  Ability to return items of direct expense through PO
Send PO's electronically, fax or pdf email atachments PRM SE PRM
  Electronic transmission of purchase orders (Transfer PO's directly to vendor's computer via EDI/internet/web services)
  Ability to automatically fax purchase orders
  Automatically email purchase orders in HTML or as PDF attachment
Manage open & historical PO's    
  View open purchase orders
  View purchase order history
Supports Supplier Min Qty & Pack sizes (case of 24)    
  Require item minimum order quantity
  Order case/pack outers receive single units into stock
Interface with General Ledger & Accounts Payable    
  Automatically generate a payables entry
Interfaces with Inventory system showing 'On Order' Qty & Expected Dates with drill down    
  Interface with the inventory system to increment on-order quantity when purchase order is opened


Standard Feature Included

Feature not Included    
Service Module feature Quotes Module feature Contract Pricing Module feature
Consignment Module feature Multi-Site Module feature