Extensive Reporting

Sales Reports
Extensive Sales Reports by date, time ranges, dept, category, supplier etc  PRM SE PRM
  Sales totals by specified time of day, week, month or year
  Sales totals for each department, category, manufacturer or supplier
  Sales totals for each rep or cashier
Sales by register & drawer reconcilliation    
  Sales totals for each register
  Cash drawer reconciliation report (Breakdown totals for each drawer and account for monies started in the cash register and monies to be left for the next day in the cash register)
Sales VAT    
  Sales tax totals by day, month, quarter or year
Sales rep commission totals    
  Sales rep commission totals
  Daily sales transaction details by casher or department
Top sales by customers, suppliers, items sold (best & worst)    
  Top sales reps or cashiers
  Top customers
  Top suppliers
  Number of items sold by time of day, week, month or year
  Number of items sold for each department or category
  Number of items sold based on top sellers
  Number of items sold based on lowest sellers
Items not sold since    
  Items not sold Since
  Vouchers summary and detailed list
  Open layaways report
  Layaway expiration report
Price variances    
  Price variances (sales price less list price) by sales order
  Price variances (sales price less list price) summary for a specified time of day, week, month or year
List open quotes specified time of day, week, month or year    
  List open quotes specified time of day, week, month or year
  Open quotes sales totals specified time of day, week, month or year
Inventory Reports
Extensive Invenory Reports inc: valuation, slow/fast movers, shortage, physical counts etc  PRM SE PRM
  On hand inventory valuation reporting by item number, product line, location, category or department
  Inactive, excess or obsolete inventory report
  Slow moving inventory report
  Fast moving inventory report
  Inventory shortage and back order reports
  Back order summary and detailed lists
  Inventory transactions by item number, location and transaction type
  5 year look at usage history and source of demand
  Inventory status by item number and serial number
  Serial number list
  Item reorder list
  Item sales history
  Physical count worksheet
  Physical count worksheet by department, category, vendor, and product line
  Inventory turnover
  Days of supply left
  Open to buy inventory forecasting
  Ability to print bar codes and price tags for an individual product or a series of products
Purchasing Reports
Purchase Order status, history & past due dates  PRM SE
  Purchase order status report
  Item purchase history report
  Generate past due reports by vendor or item number in due date sequence
Customer Account Reports
Customer Account reports  PRM SE PRM
  Customer list
  Customer special order reports
  Customer purchase frequency
  Customer purchase details for last 2 years
  Customers purchase totals
  List open quotes by customer
  List open/held invoices by customer
Accounts Receivable Reports
Accounts Receivable reports  PRM SE
  Payment to invoice, invoice to payment report
  Collection report
  Aged analysis report
  Control report
  History report
  Customer statements
Accounts Payable Reports
Accounts Payable reports PRM SE
  Payment to invoice
  Accounts payable aging report
  Total debt report
  Cash requirements report
  Control report
  Overdue report
  Prepaid report
  Future liability report
  Check history
  GL expense distribution report
General Ledger Reports
General journal report  PRM SE
  General journal report
  General ledger audit trail report
  Comparative income statement
  Chart of accounts report
  Trial balance report
  Balance sheet report
  Income statement report
  Budget performance
  Budget reports
Service Order Reports
Service Order reports  PRM SE
  Service Orders on hold
  Complete Service Orders
  Pending Service Orders
  Service Order history


Standard Feature Included

Feature not Included    
Service Module feature Quotes Module feature Contract Pricing Module feature
Consignment Module feature Multi-Site Module feature