Account Receivables (AR)

Integrated accounts receivable module (built-in)  PRM SE PRM
  Integrated accounts receivable module (built-in)
  Modify customer information when entering transactions
  Specify balance forward or open item
  Bill payments for net terms
Support for finance charges    
  Apply and calculate a specified finance or late charge
  Assign recurring charges and payments, such as monthly billing for service contracts
Print statements and Aging reports    
  Print customer statements
  Modifiable aging periods
  Reprint statement for a selected customer or range
  Print any messages on statements, such as marketing statements or overdue notices
  View aged receivables
Credit limit/hold settings & warnings    
  Alert on credit limit/hold
  Apply a maximum credit limit for each account
Track charges, payment history & notes to assess credit ratings    
  Retain history of charges and payments to establish credit rating of a customer
  Track collection status/notes


Standard Feature Included

Feature not Included    
Service Module feature Quotes Module feature Contract Pricing Module feature
Consignment Module feature Multi-Site Module feature