POSitive Retail Manager Prices

We have a policy to give clear and transparent prices for our software.

POSitive Retail Manager solutions have a modular design which enables you to choose and more importantly pay for what you need. Below is a breakdown of the pricing structure.

POSitive Retail Manager is licensed on a per station basis & includes Microsoft SQL Server Express edition. In some installations there may be a requirement to use a different version of Microsoft SQL Server which would attract further licensing fees.


POSitive Retail Manager
  Per Site
POSitive Retail Manager Pro - 1st Seat/PC £900.00
POSitive Retail Manager Pro  - Extra Seat/PC (each) £250.00
POSitive Retail Manager SE
  Per Site
POSitive Retail Manager SE - 1st Seat/PC £500.00
POSitive Retail Manager SE - Extra Seats/PC £250.00
POSitive Mobile
  Per Device
POSitive Mobile £250.00


The POSitive Retail Manager Software Solutions allow for additional functionality by the addition of bolt-on modules, these modules are all charged on a per site licenses not per PC/till.


Per Site
Service Centre
Contract Prices
Commission Tracking
Per Site
Multi-Site Head Office Bolt-On
Multi-Site Branch Bolt-On
3rd Party Add-Ons
Per Site
Microsoft Map Point
Microsoft SQL Server